Welcome fellow food enthusiasts! Today, I'm thrilled to recount my extraordinary dining experience at Yuji, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Japantown that specializes in Kappo Ryouri - the japanese art of cutting and cooking, with the focus on seasonal ingredients.

Ankimo tofu, Eggplant with Uni, Simmered Bamboo Shoots and Wakame, Firefly Squid with Mustard Miso Vinegar, Omlette with Caviar

Our evening commenced with a tantalizing array of appetizers, each one a masterpiece in its own right. The Ankimo tofu, delicately crafted from monkfish liver, melted on the palate with its creamy texture, while the Eggplant with Uni offered a delightful fusion of flavors, enhanced by the richness of sea urchin. Simmered Bamboo Shoots and Wakame provided a refreshing contrast, perfectly complemented by the tangy Firefly Squid with Mustard Miso Vinegar. The Omlette with Caviar, a symphony of indulgence, left us yearning for more.

Next up was the Dobin Mushi, a traditional Japanese broth served in a teapot. Infused with fragrant dashi and adorned with tender morsels of seafood and mushrooms, each sip transported us to culinary bliss.

Sashimi - Otoro, Kinmeda, Squid

The Sashimi dish showcased the freshest catch of the day, featuring luscious slices of Otoro, Kinmeda, and Squid. Each bite was a revelation, highlighting the purity of the ingredients and the skill of the chef.

Grilled Chillean Sea Bass w/ Yuzu Kosho Miso Sauce

For our main courses, we savored the Grilled Chilean Sea Bass with Yuzu Kosho Miso Sauce, a harmonious blend of smoky flavors and citrusy notes.

The Madai Shabu Shabu, allowed us to cook tender slices of sea bream at our table with the cutest candlelit broth. Definitely the most unique dish of the night.

The Chawanmushi with Ikura was a delicate custard infused with the essence of dashi, topped with plump salmon roe that burst with briny goodness.

And who could forget the pièce de résistance – the A5 Wagyu Steak! Each bite of this marbled masterpiece melted in the mouth, leaving a lingering sensation of unparalleled luxury.

Deep Fried Prawns Stuff with Gingko Cake & Okra

The Deep Fried Prawns stuffed with Gingko Cake offered a delightful contrast of textures, with the crispy exterior giving way to a succulent filling. And the Crab Porridge with Truffle elevated comfort food to new heights, with the earthy aroma of truffle permeating every spoonful.

Matcha Creme Brulee

To conclude our epicurean journey, we indulged in the Matcha Crème Brûlée, a sublime marriage of creamy custard and bitter-sweet matcha, perfectly caramelized to create a crispy topping.