Robin delivers a unique and refreshing take on sushi in an already crowded space where innovation is both difficult and sometimes even frowned upon. It's clear from the both their selection of ingredients, drink selection, ambience and decor that the team wants to present modern 21st century take on sushi that also emphasises the rich local ingredients in San Francisco. As with most high-end establishments, in the city, Robin only offers an omakase-only menu, ranging from $99 to $199. You can't go wrong with any price point, as it only changes the types of pieces they'll offer and you can order more as you go.

Robin had a real emphasis more fatty and western favourite pieces like tuna, trout, uni and caviar.  There was a real emphasis on using sauces and toppings to either elevate or balance out the fish. Some particular highlights:

1) Steak Butter with Maguro - The butter was real suprise and you could tase the steak at the back of your palette. Would love to just have that butter on every other piece

2) Mackerel with chili oil - I love mackerel and it's usually great on it's own. The chili oil aded another layer that I wasn't expecting and was a very playful piece

3) The papaya cury salad with cod was an unexpected treat and a great palette cleanser. I wasn't expecting such flavour contrasts given the visual presentation of the dish

4) King Salmon with Truffle?! - A tad over-the-top, but an amazing piece. I mean... it's truffle

5) Noddle with Truffle - Another Robin Signature. Umami-bomb is the name of the game here. They should make a ramen out of this

6) Potato Chip with Caviar - THE Robin Signature. Probably the most unique sushi piece I've ever had. The chip really hits you up-front, but you get the caviar and aioli comes through at the end

8) Corn Soup - Simple and amazing. Reminds me of my childhood and home

9) A5 Wagyu and Foie Gras Snow - Perfect summary of Robin. Perfect simplicity in an amazing cut of beef and then drown it in decadence. The beef an foie melt in your mouth and was an amazing piece to wrap up the meal.

I really appreciated how Robin pushes boundaries and presents a modern-take on sushi with a focus on bold flavours and balance through sauces/toppings and the timing. Their omakase menu showed alot of thoughfulness and understanding of the ingredients they're presenting and pushes our conception of what's possible within the medium of sushi.