After being holed up at home for almost a year, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day with some Michelin star sushi! Considering the pieces were prepared well in advance and survived a harrowing drive through Downtown SF traffic, the quality of the sushi was suprisingly great!

My favourite pieces:

  • King Salmon with Cherry Leaf complemented each other and helped highlight the natural sweetness of the salmon
  • The handroll was extremely flavourful and luxurious. Wished they filled the whole box with just crab, roe and uni!
Zuke Toro - Soy Cured Fatty Tuna with Caviar
Hotate - Hokkaido Scallop
Hon Maguro - Bluefin Tuna
Kanpachi - Amberjack
Sake - King Salmon with Cherry Leaf
Tai - Red Snapper with Mustard Miso
Sawara - King Mackerel with Garlic Momiji
Zuke Sake - Soy Marinated King Salmon
Ikura/Uni/Crab Handroll