As part of a half-hearted joke with my team's intern, we promised to take him to a restaraunt of his choosing if he completed this project and presentation on time. In true Twitch fashion, the restaraunt would have to be memeable so we decided to go to Benu with Ben Yu.


皮蛋: Quail Egg, potage of cabbage, cream & bacon, ginger - The Benu Classic. The egg itself wasn't very alkaline. The potage was amazingly flavourful
Mussel stuffed with vegetables and glass noodles
Pig ear with jellyfish, radishes and chives
"Lawn Roll" - Mackerel, kelp, and vegetables. Very suprising dish with many different textures and flavours happening all at once. One of my favourites
King Prawn wrapped in Jellyfish and topped with angelica tree leaves - 2nd favourite dish of the night. The batter was very airy and the prawn was fried to perfection
Tofu flower, chili oil and chicken consommé - a very light and flavourful palette cleanser. Chili oil had some kick and the tofu was super soft and slippery
Oat bread with honey, butter, ginseng
小籠包 with homemade soy sauce and vinegar: Another Benu Classic. The skin was paper thin and the lobster consomme and butter and explodes in your mouth with flavour
Whole abalone roasted in butter
Water chesnut cake with dried rockfish, chinese mustard greens and three mustard sauce

Roast turbot glazed in spicy fermented pepper sauce, braised chysanthemum and radish, fried garlic flowers - The turbot was preppared such that you can experience both the belly, cheek and fillet
mulhwe with iced water kimchi broth, cured sea bream, sea urchin, oysters, radish, sesame leaf and seaweed
Charcoal-grilled beef rib braised with pear and chili, baby anchovies, chilled lettuce and scallion sauce
Omija and Olive Oil - experience five different flavours at once - sweet, salty, savoury, bitterness and spice
Milk Pudding with salt, smoke and peat
Iced Barley Tea
Mint Curls

This was truly a life-changing meal. The dishes were very playful while still respecting the asian cultural heritage from which they were inspired. My favourite dishes would have to be:

1) Acorn, Iberico Ham and truffle taco

2) King Prawn wrapped in Jellyfish

3) Mackrel, kelp and vegetables roll

4) 小籠包

5) Kimchi Fried Jasmine Rice cooked in a gamasot

Stay tuned as I try to replicate these dishes in my new blog series: Ben Yu copies Benu!