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  1. Space Race

    Another FiveThirtyEight Riddler.The President has bestowed upon you 1 billion dollars with the mission of getting us to an alien artifact as fast as possible! Here's whats available to you: Big Russian engines costing 400 million each. Buying one will reduce the trip time by 200 days. Buying two…

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  2. Impossible Puzzle

    Another weekly FiveThirtyEight riddler, and this one's a mind-bender. Three very skilled logicians are sitting around a table — Barack, Pete and Susan. Barack says: “I’m thinking of two natural numbers between 1 and 9, inclusive. I’ve written the product of these two numbers on this paper that I’…

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  3. Casino Game

    The solution for this weeks FiveThirtyEight riddler is pretty nutty. The riddle is essentially: If you drew random numbers from a uniform distribution from [0,1], what is the expected number of draws you would perform until their sum exceeds 1? So let us define $S_{n}$ as the sum…

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